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AGBU Young Professionals’ “Go Green” Mission Promotes Economic Sustainability in Armenia

YP-Sponsored Greenhouses in Barekamavan Yield First Crops of the Season

In recent years, the AGBU Young Professionals (YP) Network has focused its global initiatives in Armenia on environmentally-friendly green projects to help promote economic sustainability. Implemented this year, the Pan-YP Greenhouse Project for border village Barekamavan is the second collective initiative by the YP Network in Armenia, and builds on the success of the YPs’ first initiative, the construction of a new park in Khachik in 2010.

Funded and developed entirely by the YP Network, two greenhouses were constructed in Barekamavan this year to help promote economic self-sufficiency and sustainability. The following sixteen YP Groups and YP Partners took part by pooling their resources in one unified effort: YP Athens, YP Boston, YP Buenos Aires, YP Greater New York, YP Lebanon, YP London, YP Los Angeles, YP Marseille, YP Montréal, YP Northern California, YP Philadelphia, YP Sofia, YP Tehran, YP Toronto, and YP Yerevan, as well as AGBU partner, HAIK, in Frankfurt.

Now, the families, relishing in the first harvest of the season, are assured a steady source of future income, cementing their resolve to remain in Barekamavan rather than searching for opportunities elsewhere. “For years we felt that we were forgotten by everyone; we went months without seeing anyone from outside our village and received no support,” shared wife and mother Tamar Vihrabyan. “You haven’t just given us a greenhouse, you have given us, our village, and our country hope for the future. We don’t have to leave to find work to feed our families now; we can stay right here, protect our lands and watch our children grow in their ancestral homeland.”

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