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International Seminar Lays the Foundation for the “A Europe of Diasporas” Network

On June 28, 2015, AGBU Europe, the European Union of Jewish Students and Phiren Amenca jointly launched their groundbreaking project “A Europe of Diasporas” with a three-day seminar in Paris. The event brought together 40 activists, academics and specialists from 15 countries to compare experiences between the Armenian, Jewish and Roma diasporas in Europe.

The “A Europe of Diasporas” network will aim to help develop, affirm and popularize the notion of European diasporas and encourage the idea that identities need not be tied to a territory or to a source of authority to be legitimate and valuable. “We believe the affirmation of diasporas will be important for the rest of society in Europe as well as for the groups concerned. The network also explores opportunities that Europe can provide diasporas and those that diasporas can provide Europe. Together we will seek to develop a practical agenda as a basis for a common dialogue with European institutions,” said Nicolas Tavitian, director of AGBU Europe.

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