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YP Austria Launches Piggy Bank Syria Relief Project

Launching the Piggy Bank Syria Relief Project after months of planning, the AGBU Young Professionals of Austria (YP Austria) distributed approximately 130 piggy banks mid-October to the students of the Hovhannes Shiraz Armenian Saturday School in Vienna. Each student received a piggy bank with her/his name on it, and were encouraged to save money until December 20, which will be their New Year’s present to their brothers and sisters in Syria.

The idea was conceived by YP Austria Vice-Chair Pizant Chourpachian who, in his youth as a scout in Syria, participated in a similar project to help support the survivors of the 1988 Spitak earthquake in Armenia. The main goals of the project are to fundraise for Syrian Armenians, and to educate Armenian youth and their families about the values and mission of AGBU, as well as the bond and connections which exist between the diaspora communities.

Visit here for a gallery of pictures.

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