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YP Yerevan Welcomes Tuck MBA Students

On March 16, AGBU Young Professionals (YP) Yerevan hosted a networking event for MBA students from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

The MBA study trip to Armenia was organized by Stephen Powell, professor of Business Administration. Professor Powell, who is half Armenian, had little connection to his homeland and heritage until a few years ago when he took his class to Armenia as part of the MBA program’s international module. Now an annual tradition, the intense and impactful experience offers the students unparalleled insight into the business environment and culture of Armenia. The group visited AGBU, AUA, Impact Hub, and IDeA Foundation, met with top executives from various industries, and had the opportunity to see many of the country’s top tourist attractions and historical sites.

The YP Yerevan networking event brought together two groups of like-minded, bright and promising young people from around the globe and gave them a unique platform to connect and learn from each other. YP Yerevan hopes to make this meet-up an annual tradition bridging generations of YPs with MBA students from Tuck and encouraging the exploration of joint projects and valuable collaborations.

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